Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 52 - The one with an impromptu visit from Adventure Jane

Where: Lesmurdie Falls
When: July 2017
Adventure Companions: Mini Monkey and Adventure Jane

Shall I change my flights?

Adventure Jane (Mr MAP’s sister) was flying through Perth on her way back home over East from a BIG Adventure in the Top End. Yes, yes you should. I took the afternoon off work, scooped Mini Monkey up from day care and we headed out to the Perth Hills for a hike.

Mini Monkey has not been on top of the weather recently so I gave him the option of walking or going in the Tula. Usually we wander along the brook to the bottom of the falls, scramble on some rocks (unless it’s slippery from rain) and wander back again. The boys love it and Velcro Dog does too. However, occasionally I get a hankering for a view and today I wanted to show it to Adventure Jane. Despite Adventure Jane having spent quite a bit of time over in Perth with us she has never done much family hiking with us.

Mini Monkey has started to ask rather astute questions lately, like ‘Grandpa, why do you not have any hair on your head?’, to which my mother replied ‘because he has so many brains it pushed all his hair out’. Today, whilst eating his snacks in the Tula, he asked ‘mummy, why are you making that noise?’. ‘ Do you mean the huffing and puffing noise? Well, that’s because it’s hard work hauling both of us up the hill.’ ‘Mummy, can we go faster?’

Despite the huffing and puffing (from me, not Adventure Jane), the view was well worth it when we arrived at the top. I’d like to say we had the place to our selves, but we didn’t as it was school holiday. However, sometimes I choose to look at busy times in the positive as at least people are getting outside and exploring, even if it means having to share.

Opening hours: Never Closed

Cost: Free. 

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