Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 49 - The one with the flying ball

Where: Scitech
When: June 2017           
Adventure Companions: Mr MAP, Mini Monkey and the Giant Babay

Can you watch me, Daddy?

Scitech is an amazing display of interactive magic (physics) smashed with colour. What more could be attractive to a small child? There was so much for so many different ages. It feels like a place we will be able to go back to for a long time and there will always be something of interest for the boys.

Mini Monkey had great fun on many of the exhibits and zipped from one to another trying everyout. Whilst most of the exhibits were far beyond the Giant Baby’s comprehension, give him a ball and he’s happy as Larry. There was one particular exhibit with a beach ball and a fan which made it ‘fly’ that he was particularly taken with. Well, really, he just liked the beach ball. He was very upset when we decided to move on.

Opening hours: 9:30/10am – 5pm every day of the week except Thursdays (see website)

Cost: $19 adult with under 4s fr free.

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