Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 44 - The one with biscuits and tea

Where: Wulyunga Lookout
When: June 2017
Adventure Companions: Mr and Mrs Proff

Where is the turning?

My parents, Mr and Mrs Proff, had arrived in Australia the day before to celebrate Mini Monkey’s upcoming third birthday. As I knew they were going to be a little jetlagged I thought I’d take them on a gentle stroll to somewhere they would appreaciate. On our way to Nobel Falls last week I had spied a sign that said ‘Wulyunga Lookout’. That made me guestimate that the lookout was somewhere between Wulyunga National Park and Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary and would, hopefully, have some spectacular views down over the Avon River.

Once we had finally located the turn to the lookout, we were not disappointed. We opted for the gentler trails, running along the hill, opting out of the steeper routes which would lead us down into the valley floor. What goes does must come back up again!

After about half an hour of ambling and chatting, we came across a log with a view. Tea was poured, biscuits were had and life felt good.

Opening hours: Never Closed

Cost: Free

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