Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 48 - The one with the Pilgrim

Where: Bell Rapids, Brigadoon
When: June 2017
Adventure Companions: The whole MAP family
Like father, like son

Which trail is that?

Mr MAP had posted some beautiful photos of our trail today on the Hike it Baby Facebook page of the trail we had walked. Previously we had taken the River Trail from the bridge but today we felt like a bit of an explore. Instead of turning left after the bridge, we took a right, wiggled around and found ourselves on a beautiful trail running alongside the river.

On the hike we saw (and heard) lots of different birds and spied some paddlers coming down the river in their bright plastic boats. Mr MAP showed Mini Monkey lots of interesting things, the Giant Baby spent his entire time exercising his will aka demanding to go up when he’s down and down when he’s up. Velcro Dog did her usual zooming around smelling all the smells. Business as usual.

Neither of us had ay idea what the trail was call so I put the question out to the local trail runners community. If anyone had done their research, it was going to be them! Within half an hour I had two replies: it was the Pilgrim Trail. It stretches 185km from Subiaco to New Norcia. That’s a whole lot of new trail to explore!

Opening hours: Never closed

Cost: Free

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