Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 46 - The one with the new map

Where: Mundy Regional Park
When: June 2017
Adventure Companions: Velcro Dog

Is this the right turn?

I get my brick of phone out of my pack and take another look at the new app that I just worked out how to use. I had downloaded the Swissmurdie course GPX file, uploaded it to the map app and was trying to follow the the 10km (ish) course through Mundy Regional Park.

The car pack was chockablock. Of course, I had forgotten that it was a public holiday weekend. With Lesmirdie falls being so close to the city and it being such a nice, sunny day, everyone and their auntie were out seeing the sights. Thankfully, once I was on my way away from the main falls area, there were significantly fewer people.

I love this run as, after a sizable hill, you are rewarded with some incredible views through Mundy Regional park and then some more over the plains towards the City of Perth. Velcro dog also had a great run, smelling all the new smells.

Once we descended into Whistlepipe Gully we slowed down considerably.  The narrow trail has lots of rocks and roots and to say that it is uneven would be an understatement. It’s hard enough running it on your own without worrying that your dog following (on lead) close behind will stand on your heels and send both of you tumbling. We survived and made our way slowly back up the hill. Velcro Dog decided that she had not had enough fun and started to throw place gumnuts at my feet for me to throw for her. I don't think I'll ever be fit enough to tire that dog out. 

Opening hours: Never closed

Cost: Free

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