Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 43 - The one with 7 wet feet

Where: Nobel Falls
When: May 2017
Adventure Companions: The whole MAP family and some Hike it Baby friends, including some from the Snowy Mountains Branch (and a balance bike).

Which weekend are you coming over?

Life is full of coincidences. One of the Hike it Baby Branch Ambassadors from the Snowy Mountains Branch has family in Gidgegannup and she happened to be over visiting and be available for the time I had scheduled the Nobel Falls Hike. It was like it was mean to be!
We set off down the wide, sand trail with Velcro dog zipping around smelling all the wonderful smells. The toddlers toddled and the parents chatted until, uh oh, the bridge was out.

Our adventurous friend from the Snowy Mountains pointed out a log which was conveniently lying across the creek right next to the bridge. With the options of going back the way we came, taking the long route to the next bridge or crossing the log, all the parents decided that the log was do-able. Our friend from the Snowy Mountains made the log crossing look super easy. Without a wobble, she crossed with toddler in arms. Depositing her toddler (clearly, significantly more reliable that The Giant Baby), she returned for the balance bike. Very kindly, she then removed her shoes and waded into the thigh deep water to help the others across. Wet Feet Count: 2

The second parent and child duo crossed without a hitch.

Mr MAP, with Mini Monkey in his arms, were up next. Mini Monkey chose exatly the wrong moment to wriggle and into the water went Mr MAP. Luckily the water was shallow and Mr MAP landed on his feet so Mini Monkey slightly shaken but mostly dry. Wet Feet Count Total: 5

Giant Baby was on my back and by this point he was wriggling a lot; first looking down at the ground on one side and then to the other. There was no way I was going to be able to stay on that log. Having seen the water depth, I chose to wade, rather than risk falling and hurting both of us. Having tied my laces too tight and with Giant Baby on my back, there was no way I was going to be able to take my shoes off and then put them back on, I made the decision to just walk on in, shoes and all. It was a good choice as the bottom of the stream was rocky and the banks in and out spiky. Wet Feet Count Total: 7

Once safely across the stream, we continued on our way in the sun. The toddlers toddled and ate snacks, the parents chatted (more) and Velcro dog swam in the stream when she wasn’t zipping around smelling all the smells. It was another beautiful little hike.  

Opening hours: never closed

Cost: free

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