Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 50 - The one with the Achillies

Where: John Forest National Park           
When: June 2017
Adventure Companions: The usual crazy trail runner sorts

Has Bob come through yet?

My ride share, Runner Bob, was on the 21km course, 11km longer than the course I had just finished*. The tail end Charlies were straggling in and celebrating their achievements but Bob was no where to be seen. A marshall came in and said that he had left a runner nursing an Achilles niggle. After asking for a description we confirmed it was Bob. He’s been on and off running since I met him at the beginning of the year due to this injury and it seemed that now, on his first half marathon, it had reared it’s ugly head.

I started helping the race crew break down the finish area and there was still no Bob. I bumped into a friend from University (yes, the one in the UK) who was out with her family and still no Bob. He finally appeared, nearly 3 hours after starting, pleased as punch with himself that he had hobbled his way around most of the course and swearing blind that it couldn’t be an Achillies injury because he could still move his foot**. After all that, the Brave Bob was still able to drive home, thanks to an automatic car and his injury being on the ‘right’ side.

*I had an amazing race and was very pleased to have completed the 10km trail in under an hour.

**three days later he found out that he had torn his Achilles completely (with a ‘pop’) when he fell and now will be off running for a whole year for surgery and rehabilitation. Poor Bob.

Opening hours: never closed

Cost: $12 per car

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