Friday, 14 July 2017

Adventure 42 - The one with alot of rain

Where: Lesmurdie Falls
When: May 2017
Adventure Companions: Mr MAP, Mini Monkey, Giant Baby
Where is my coat?

Sir Ranulph Riennes was reputed to say that there was no such bad thing as bad weather, just inadequate protection. We had decided to brave the arrival of winter and go to see the ‘Big Waterfall’. As we were dressing the boys in their wet weather gear at the trail head, it started to rain so hard that Mr MAP and Mini Monkey jumped straight back into the car.

Once the squall had eased, we were on our way, all of us walking alongside the now bubbling brook. The Giant Baby is like a magnet to water and spent the entire time trying to immerse himself in any body of water available. Mr MAP decided to ‘teach him a lesson’ and allow him, whilst holding tightly onto him, by allowing him to walk into the stream over the tops of his well. The objective of the lesson was to get the Giant Baby to realise that the water was cold and wet. Well, clearly he doesn’t mind cold and wet feet. However, walking with squelching wellies clearly wasn’t that comfortable and he soon acquiesced to being put in the Tula. I was quite relieved as I was getting pretty tired of trying to corral him towards safer areas.

We all posed for photos with the waterfall in first flood after summer and then bid a hasty retreat to the dry warmth of the car for delicious muffins. It was quite apparent that we needed to up our winter clothes game with Mini Monkey the only one returning 100% dry.  

Opening hours: never closed
Cost: free

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