Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adventure 34 - The one with the Lighthorse Trail

Where: Yaberoo Heritage Trail (sort of)
When: April 2017
Adventure Companions: None

Where am I?

Fortunately, this is not something I have to say often these days. Today, I was out on my own, trying to run from Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue on the Yaberoo Heritage Trail. I have walked the first couple of kilometers a few times so thought it would be a nice easy run for me to try further on. However, the roadworks intersecting the trail threw me off a little and I ended up following the 10th Light horse Trail. When I opened up my track-plot on the phone, I saw a perfect dog leg. Thankfully it wasn't a complicated procedure to retrace my steps and return to the Yaberoo Trail. I never made it to Hester Avenue but it was a lovely morning to be out, running on my own either way. 

Opening hours: Never Closed
Cost: Free

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