Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adventure 33 - The one with no clothes

Where: Bells Rapids
When: April 2017Adventure Companions: Mr MAP, Mini Monkey, The Giant Baby, Velcro Dog and another Hike it Baby Family
Cost: Free

What happened to his clothes?

I was showing a family member the pictures from our hike out at bells rapids this weekend. We always finish with a little paddle in the Ford under the bridge before making our way back up to the cars. Unfortunately, The Giant Baby is one of these children who just can't go near water without getting totally soaked. On this occasion, we took his clothes off before he went in the water so he would have something to wear later. Mini Monkey loves throwing rocks into the water and Velcro Dog adores paddling around in the shallows and swimming after sticks thrown by Mr MAP. Such a lovely way to finish a walk. 

Opening Hours: Never Closed

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