Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adventure 30 - The one where I won an award

When: March 2017

Adventure Companions: None
Opening Hours: Never Closed
Cost: Free

Where: Wungong Regional Park
Can I stop you right there to take a photo?
Melina, the amazing race director of the Perth Trail Series, lay on the ground at the finish line as she assured me that it was the best angle for capturing my injuries in their full glory*.
The Perth Trail Series like to honour those who have spilled their blood in pursuit of the trail. Each recipient of ‘The Blood Award’ gets a nice, clean T-shirt. I’ve never won an award before at a (post school) race and I certainly never expected to win one by doing something so simple as falling over! Thankfully my injuries were only superficial with a bloody knee and a couple of other minor scrapes and bruises. Two year previously I had had to help my friend walk the last 3km of that same race after she badly twisted her ankle (ironically on a ‘flat’ section of trail).  
This race was never meant to be the last in the summer series; however a large bushfire a couple of weeks before its scheduled date forced the race directors to swap it was the Lesmurdie race. I was fine with that. I love this race and for me, it was fitting to have it last in the series. There is a beautiful flat (for trail running) section towards the end. It’s the kind of section where you can really look around you and appreciate your surroundings without having to ‘dig in’ (or question your sanity) on the way up a hill or having to worry about falling down a hill (wait, I already did that). I was gifted with an amazing view part way through of a black, charred forest, peppered with the bright colours of the runners tshirts.  
*I just want to add that the spirit of the award by no means diminished the professionalism  and speed with which the staff and volunteers assessed and helped treat my injuries.
Opening Hours: Never Closed
Cost: Free

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