Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adventure 29 - The one with the tunnel

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Where: John Forrest National Park
When: March 2017
Adventure Companions: Mr Map, Mini Monkey, The Giant Baby and the Hike it Baby Tribe
Do you have a torch with you?
On an unusually cold and blustery February morning we set off from the Peachy Road car park for the Swan View Tunnel. The Tunnel used to be part of the old railway line which goes through John Forest National Park. Fun factoid: until 1999, the Swan View Tunnel was the only tunnel in the whole WA Rail network. The powers that be decided that when they made the old railway line into a walking and cycling track, to include the tunnel. It’s a great little hike, especially on a hot day (which today wasn’t) as you can do the return part of the loop in the shade of the tunnel.
The littles loved the tunnel. With the dim light at the end always in sight and the seemingly ever present puddle to finish, what was there not to love? One of the big kids had a pair of light-up shoes and took great delight in gallivanting around like a (albeit loud and giggling) ghostly apparition.
 We shared strollers and snacks, carriers and tantrums. This was a quintessential Hike it Baby experience.   
106560: Swan View Tunnel up portal Up Passenger from Chidlow Wildflower Railcar ADF 493 leading
The old railway tunnel when it was in use (Source: Weston Langford)

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