Thursday, 13 April 2017

Adventure 32 - The one with the running Monkey

Where: The Spectacles
When: April 2017
Adventure Companions: Mini Monkey, The Giant Baby and Velcro Dog

Can you go faster, Mummy?

I had decided that we needed to get out of the house and preferably for the whole morning. The Spectacles won the location lottery by fulfilling the multiple criteria I needed:
- far enough a car ride to waste time, but not so far the boys would start getting cranky
- allows dogs
- trail based to keep both me and the boys happy
- firm enough ground and flat enough that I could push the Croozer (double stroller)

The 6.5km circuit around the Spectacles wetlands is packed limestone and relatively flat. We jogged much of the way, stopping on request to let Mini Monkey out of the stroller to have a run with us and then back in again when he was winded. Every time he hopped back in there was a demand for me to run faster. I enjoyed the resulting giggles so happily obliged. 

The boys enjoyed themselves and were much less antagonistic than that time at the Parkrun, even thought it was a little rougher and much longer. Velcro Dog always enjoys the Spectacles because there is so much yumminess for her to smell.

Opening Hours: Never Closed
Cost: Free

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