Sunday, 11 June 2017

Adventure 35 - The one with the Giant Spiders

Where: Bold Park
When: April 2017
Adventure Companions: Runner Bob and Velcro Dog.

What that a spiders web?

One of my good Hike it Baby friends has a PhD in spiders, more specifically Golden Orb Weavers. The very first time I met her we were walking with her baby and The Giant Baby, trying to put both to sleep and have a much needed ‘mum chat’. She spotted one of her Orb Weavers right next to the path and told me all about them. Fast forward to tonight and, after my friend, Runner Bob, and I had just run through a massive spider’s web and I remembered my friend telling me about how the Orb Weavers will throw webs across the paths at dusk. Sorry Mrs Spider*. With our head torches on and awareness heightened, we were able to spot six more sets of glowing green eyes and dodge under the massive webs over the path.

Other than the first web encounter, it was a pleasant run which was surprisingly warm. I was happy that Runner Bob knew his way around Bold Park better than I did as I am sure that, having started from a point I am not familiar with, I would most certainly have gotten lost in the dark. I am officially a night running convert.

*How do I know it was Mrs Spider? Mr Orb Weaver is very very small so that he can get in and out quickly before becoming Mrs Spider’s dinner. Oh the life of a spider.

Opening hours: Never Closed

Cost: Free

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