Monday, 12 June 2017

Adventure 37 - The one with lots of face time

Where: Caversham wildlife park
When: April 2017
Adventure Companions: Grandma and Grandiddy, Adventure Jane, Proodle, Mr MAP, Mini Monkey and Giant Baby

Can you sit in the back and keep them awake till we get home?

The boys were shattered. Having never visited Caversham Wildlife Park before we had made some fairly school-boy errors. Firstly, the journey was longer than we had thought (and so arrived lated). Secondly, we had underestimated the time it took to get between places, including the car park and finally, we kept ‘popping in’ to additional places as we were trying to  leave. All up, we were waaaaay late for getting home and knew that if either of the boys fell asleep in the car it was game over for the well needed nap time (queue: parental nightmare x 2).

The park has so much to see and both of the boys were well entertained. Mini monkey spent the entire time rushing around between the exhibits, soaking up information like the little sponge he is. The Giant Baby had an amazing time being carried around by Grandiddy in the Tula and chatting non-stop. Whilst it sounded mostly like ‘duck’ repeated 10 million times I’m sure Giant Baby knew what he was on about.

We saw every Australian animal imaginable, held a wombat, and stroked kangaroos. There’s plenty more we didn’t see so I’m sure we’ll be back at some point in the future.
Giant Baby and Grandiddy having some 'face time'

Opening hours: 9am-530pm daily
Cost: Adults $28, Child $12.50 (3-14 years). 

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