Thursday, 20 October 2016

Adventure 14 - The one with a1000km trail

 Where: Bibbulum Track, North Terminus

When: October 2016

My Adventure Companions: The Giant Baby

“What do you want to do for your last hike?”

My maternity leave is nearly finished but had one last morning to squeeze in a hike before I had to start packing for our trip to the UK. I have wanted to visit the 1000km long Bibbulmun Track for a while. Its northern end is very accessible as it starts in Kalamunda, a mere 40-minute drive from home. Unfortunately, my hiking buddy was unable to join us on the day so it was just me and the Giant Baby on our little exploration.

The track is well maintained by a small army of volunteers (read: lots of steps) and the iconic yellow trail markers were plentiful and easy to follow. The weather was a little marginal but it made for a nice temperature as I moseyed down the trail into the Kalamunda National Park. The Giant Baby got comfy and snuggled down in the Tula for a nap. I’m going to miss this.

As I reached the turn-around time I realised that what goes down, must go up again, so up the steps we went. On the return leg, we passed a couple of solo hikers looking like they were setting off for a long journey. Not long after we passed a runner who I recognised as the legendary Bernadette Benson. Among other ultra running accolades, She currently holds the Fastest Known Time for completing the Bibbulman Track (15 days and 9 hours, if you were interested). The Giant Baby is getting pretty hefty these days but all the walking seems to be paying off as the way back wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared. Even the swooping magpies had gone elsewhere by time we returned to the Northern Terminus so we were left free to journey past their tree un-molested.

Opening Hours: never closed

Cost: Free           

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