Monday, 17 October 2016

Adventure 13 – The one where Mini Monkey got his mojo back

Where: Nobel Falls

When: October 2016

My Adventure Companions: The whole MAP family

“Do you remember how small she was?”

Nobel Falls was one of the first hikes we ever took Velcro Dog on. We keep revisiting this spot because it is such a lovely place (and allows dogs). Re-visiting is fun because it changes throughout the year: wildflowers and fast flowing water in the wetter months; shallow pools for paddling and crossing points in the dry. I think the only person to be disappointed about the venue was Mini Monkey, because he thought we were going to ‘the big, loud water falls’ (Lesmurdie Falls) and so he wouldn’t get to see the dinosaurs. It totally amazes me every time that he remembers things like the dinosaur statues on the drive into Lesmurdie Falls.

Mini Monkey seems to be getting over whatever was bothering him earlier this month and going from strength to strength. With very little persuasion, he walked the whole way, threw sticks in the water for Velcro Dog, paddled in the shallows and still had energy to play in the playground at the end. Suffice to say, he didn’t last the journey home before those little lids became too heavy for him to keep open. It was such a blissfully quiet drive home.

Velcro Dog had the most amazing time. Whilst she can normally be described as ‘energetic’, today she buzzed around with a joy I have not seen in her for a while. She bounced backwards and forwards, up and down the trail, in and out of the water, fetching sticks and gum nuts for us to throw for her. I love to see her so happy.

Comments from the Giant Baby: I got to go in the big carrier today! It’s such fun to see so much over Mum’s shoulder but the bushes are scratchy on my feet.

Walk Trail:

Opening Hours: never closed

Cost: Free         

Velcro Dog on her first trip to Nobel Falls in 2013

Bonus Adventure

“Do you think anyone will come?”

This was the third time the Bear Hunt in Kings Park had been scheduled. It was getting to the point where I just wanted to get it over and done with. The forecast was a bit iffy and it pelted with rain an hour before the meet time but as I said we’d go, go we did. As it turned out, one more family decided to roll the dice and we were all rewarded with the clouds clearing into a lovely sunny morning. 

Whilst I read the story to the three littles, Mr MAP went and laid the bears. Ok, so I may have taken some liberties with the ‘bears’ as one of our contributions was a koala, another a gold elephant and another a dog/rabbit (we were a little undecided on that one). The littles had great fun finding the ‘bears’ and a nice wander down to see the ducks at the Synergy Parkland.  

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