Sunday, 9 October 2016

Adventure 12 - The one with sixty feet of steps (plus a few more for good measure)

Where: Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Martin

When: October 2016

My Adventure Companions: The Giant Baby

“Can I really put off the shopping to go hiking?”

This is now a legitimate question in my life. Recently I have a routine where I go grocery shopping first thing on a Monday morning. However, spring is quickly slipping by and the end of my maternity leave is looming. After a poop-tastic weekend solo-parenting, I felt like it I needed a little fresh air and some space. It was a great opportunity to revisit Ellis Brook Valley Reserve and explore the trail around the waterfall I stumbled on back in Adventure 1.

The aptly named Sixty Foot Falls Trail has a lot of steps. A lot. They were quite an effort with The Giant Baby on my back but the weather was cool and he slept soundly. I enjoyed knowing that, aside from an elderly gentleman and his dog, we had the entire reserve all to ourselves. It was nice to be able to go at my own pace, see Perth city from a distance and stop to take photos (mostly of steps) when I wanted. The Giant Baby woke just in time to stop me going around for a second time and demanded he be fed. Re-fuelling completed, we headed back to reality to complete the weekly grocery shopping.

Walk Trails Brochure: here

Opening Hours: 8am-5pm

Cost: Free          

Bonus Adventure
*The 'Cozy Cave', much loved by Velcro Dog

Where: Galaxy Drive-In Theater

My Adventure Companion: Mr MAP

“Who says no to free babysitting?”

Grandma pretty much shooed us out of the door on Friday night as we set of for Perth’s only drive-in movie theatre. We took a picnic and cushions and when we arrived, parked backwards so we could sit in the boot. Even though we were one of the last cars to arrive and had to park at the back of a full lot, it was still a good view. I enjoyed the cozy-cave* feeling, sitting in the back of the car. Even with all the kids running around during the screening it still felt pretty private. The film showing was ‘The secret life of pets’. It was light-hearted fun and just what we needed for a fun evening out.

A note for next time: as audio is provided on a radio channel we will need to bring an auxiliary radio as our ‘clever’ car kept turning the radio off every five seconds to conserve battery.

Cost: $10 per adult

Screening Times: 7pm Tuesday -Sundays

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