Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Mini Adventure Project

Mini Adventures for Mini Families

There are so many inspirational adventurers out there. Their big climbs, long runs, crazy jumps and endless cycles are of epic proportions. I have dipped my toe in the immenseness of this world and have always wanted to do more. However, as it inevitably does for most of us, ‘life’ takes over and those dreams of adventure slowly get put on the back burner.

My ‘life’ now is a young family, a mortgage and an office job. For a long time, my husband and I have imagined the spectacular trips our family will take when our kids are old enough. But recently, that has seemed further off than ever.

Happily, inspiration from the likes of Alistair Humphrey’s Micro Adventures and the Exerk weekly adventures around London of Annie Ross set me on my way. My inner adventurer spent a while skipping along and singing ‘yippie!!’ at the thought of all these wonderful ideas until my inner realist gently reminded me that I had a family, mortgage and an office job. How would I fit all this lovely adventuring in along with all of those? I wanted my adventuring to enhance my life and not have to spend hours training for just a single event. Above all, I wanted my family to be involved. With these ideas, a plan started to form and The Mini Adventure Project (MAP) was born. I will be taking mini, mostly local adventures, every week. Some will be with my mini family, some will be sans kids with my husband and some (gasp) may even be solo.

I hope, by sharing these little outings, that I can inspire other families to have a more adventurous life. And who knows, maybe one day, those adventures will get bigger? 

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