Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Map Family

I am a recovering couch potato, lover of mini-adventures and mum of two mini people. My life used to be filled with adventure and travel but over the past few years I have become rather sedentary and a little pedestrian. Just before my second baby was born I decided to start a branch of Hike it Baby. The thought of getting out into the Hills, the freedom of the trails and the solidarity of other parents excited me. The reality, as ever, is always different from the fantasy. However, I have learnt an amazing amount about getting a baby, toddler, dog and husband all out of the door (mostly on time), have enjoyed some (but not as many as I would have liked) trails and my confidence and organisational skills have certainly improved with the practice.

I am writing this blog partly to keep myself accountable but mostly to show other arm-chair adventurers that you don’t need to wait for an empty nest to have a little fun. From time to time there will also be “comments” from the other members of the MAP family. So without further ado, I shall let rest of the MAP family introduce themselves.

Likes: playing with the boys, coffee, spending time with my family, meeting new people, coffee, and going new places
Dislikes: cold weather, rainy weather, getting out of bed, bad coffee, toddler tantrums
Favourite Mode of transport: Car
Looking forward to in the next year: going on new adventures with my family

Mini Monkey:
Age (at start of project): just two
Likes: Honey, climbing rocks, peas, dinosaurs, farm animals at the Farmers Markets, the zoo, chocolate milk, reading (except if book is selected by Mr or Mrs MAP) and Osky (toy Donkey)
Dislikes: being told no, not being the centre of attention, nappy changes, taking off my favorite jumper, taking off my favorite shoes, putting on jumpers, putting on shoes….
Favourite mode of transport: On dad’s shoulders, taking in the world from a different perspective and chatting to dad and eating snacks
Looking forward to next year: finding more puddles to jump into and throwing gumnuts in rivers and ponds

The Giant Baby:
Age (at start of project): 8 months
Likes: cuddles, crawling after the dog, funny faces, the dogs bed, bananas, and biting (everything)
Dislikes: being left on my own, trying new food, and teething,  
Favourite mode of transport: In my Tula. Mum think’s its hers, but it’s not, it’s mine.
Looking forward to next year: Walking on my own two feet. It’s going to be awesome!!!

Velcro Dog:
Likes: human food, cuddles, crowded beaches, balls, cuddles, lots of balls, cuddles with my people, running, cuddles, balls, smelling new places
Dislikes: cold weather, rain, noisy toddlers, waiting
Looking forward to in the next year: lots of new places to smell

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