Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Are we slowing down?

We’re pretty much half way through the challenge, depending on how whether you measure it but time or number of adventures logged. On the surface it may appear that our adventures are getting fewer and further between. However, outside of our documented adventures, I am glad to report that we have been living some pretty busy (and adventurous) times.
There have been a few places re-visited (which I haven’t logged as new adventures), lots of visits to new beaches and a weekend where it was too hot to do anything other than make quick forays to exercise Velcro Dog but all in all, mini-adventures have become part of our routine.
Getting out to new places and doing new things with little ones takes planning (and a little psycing up sometimes) and making the most of awake (or nap) times as well as the cooler parts of the day in summer. Mr MAP and I have slowly been cultivating a routine making our mini-adventures easier and easier. As the boys get older, it has become their norm to take long trips in the car, eat and sleep on the go and see new places. As parents, Mr MAP and I have also worked out what helps us function better in the morning (for me it’s get up earlier that the rest of the family to have a shower) or get out the door more easily (for Mr MAP that’s a threat of no pre-activity coffee from our local coffee shop). Add to that the more obvious things like such as putting snacks together and loading bags the night before and you have a well-honed routine.
The aim of this project initially was to get the MAP family out and about on a regular basis, seeing more places and doing new things and it has definitely succeeded on this front. However, I am looking forward to a little later in the year when it cools down as it will open up a whole new raft of things to do.   

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