Thursday, 2 February 2017

Adventure 23 - The one with my first true blue beach day

Where: South Fremantle Beach
When: January 2017
My Adventure Companions: The entire MAP family and our friends.  
"Would you like to come to the beach?"
I had realised recently that when we go to the beach, we don't really do 'beach stuff' that other families do. We normally walk the length of a beach a few times, throw the ball for Velcro Dog and go home before it gets too crowded. When our friends invited us for a morning of toddler orientated fun (dads digging giant holes, dads making sandcastles, dads exploring rock walls), it sounded like a great idea. Our wonderful friends were also very amenable to changing the location slightly so that we could bring Velcro Dog to make it one big family outing. 
Whilst the Mr MAP and Mini Monkey set up camp, waiting for our friends to arrive, I took the Giant Baby for a walk down the beach with the aim of enticing a small nap out of him. I walked and walked and walked and walked. It took half an hour to put him to sleep and then another half hour or so of sleep. It was worth it, but harder work than I had anticipated. Oh, what we do for our children. 
Velcro Dog had a great time flying at top speed between myself (walking the beach) and Mr MAP (digging holes/making sand castles). For some reason, and I can not fathom why, she insists on drinking sea water. We offer her fresh water at every opportunity, which she declines, yet she continues to drink the sea water until it makes her ill. The only way to stop her is to put her back on the lead. It must be a very odd sight to see such an active dog on the lead in an off-leash area. 
After digging a massive hole (which the Giant Baby loved) Mr MAP had a proud dad moment when convinced Mini Monkey to have largely successful a sea-wee. That should make our lives easier at the beaches now! 
When the toddlers had had enough of sandcastles and giant holes, they explored the rock wall. When they had had enough of that, we went for an ice cream. 
I would say that was a good introduction on how to do beaches the Australian way. 

Opening Hours: never closed
Cost: Free

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