Thursday, 1 December 2016

Adventure 17 - The one with the (almost) chin-up

Where: Air Yoga, West Leederville

When: November 2016

My Adventure Companions: Just me!

“Can you do a chin up?”
The instructor at the Aerial Supremacy class was being super polite. And I lied. Sort of. I can’t remember ever doing a chin up, but I never tried to when I was at my fittest and strongest doing triathlons, which means I may have been able to, if I had tried.
Aerial Supremacy is basically a strength training class using gymnastics rings. Now classes are not usually my thing but Mr MAP was away and baby sitter was already booked. I had been looking at the timetable for the Yoga studios to try their signature class, Air Yoga, but it was at the wrong time/wrong day so I settled for signing up for Aerial Supremacy.
I was not expecting to enjoy the class as much as I did. The instructor was lovely, the students welcoming and I was significantly stronger* than I had given myself credit for. If I were in a position where Mr MAP was away on a regular basis I would put this class on my list of things to do again. 
*I almost managed an unassisted chin up. Apparently lifting babies gives you a good foundation in strength training!

Class times: 6am - 9pm

Cost: $30 per class

Image credit: AirYoga Perth

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