Monday, 12 September 2016

Adventure 8 - The one with a few extra kilometers

Where: John Forest National Park

When: September 2016

My Adventure Companions: None (yes, you read that right. None).

“Uh oh, which way now?”

On our first hike ever together, my hiking buddy had pointed out another nice walking trail in John Forest National Park. I have been meaning to check it out for a while and, as my brain wasn’t feeling very inventive this week, I decided to visit John Forest for a second weekend in a row. I knew where the start of the tail loop was and how long it was but was relying heavily on the signage to get me around. When the signage disappeared I had a momentary panic and then remembered that this is why I had bothered to bring a hydration pack with me (mainly to carry my massive phone around with me). My GPS track showed that I had, much to my surprise, nearly completed the loop and all I had to do was turn right and trot a few hundred meters back to the car park.

The Wildflower Trail is a five-kilometre loop, which peels off near the start of the Eagle View Trail. It is wide and smooth enough to take an all-terrain stroller and looks like a good location for a future Hike it Baby hike. True to its name, there are lots of wild flowers in an array of bright colours; sprays of purples and blues and yellows and whites. Whilst the car parks were full to busting, I was delighted to find this section of the trails largely deserted.   

Even though I’ve not done much running recently, I must be doing something right as I felt pretty happy about adding a further two (very flat) kilometres to my run to go and see the National Park Falls again. It must be all that toting around of The Giant Baby as he’s getting rather heavy now. This was a nice little test to see how my legs are faring up in preparation for the Perth Trail Series this summer and they seem to be doing well.

Opening Hours: main gate open 24hrs per day

Cost: $12 per car.

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