Thursday, 25 August 2016

Adventure 5 - The one with lots of bubbles

Where: Magpie Path, Kings Park

When: August 2016

My Adventure Companions: The Giant Baby, Mini Monkey and a tribe of Hike it Baby families.

“Who like bubbles?”

Mini Monkey absolutely loves bubbles (the soapy, non-alcoholic kind). Specifically, he loves chasing after them and trying to catch them. I had seen other Hike it Baby branches do ‘Bubble Hikes’ and thought that this weekend was a great opportunity to try one out. At the very least, Mini Monkey would have fun. I think I have been having a little bit of burnout from hosting hikes recently. I’m running low on enthusiasm for trying to find new places in the hope of enticing other Hike it Baby families out. Without Mr MAP there for the weekend, I decided to give myself a little grace this weekend and visit Kings Park again as it’s only 10 minutes’ drive for us.

We had three other families join us with kids ranging from sixteen months to five years old. One of the other mums pointed out that all the kids were boys. Was that a coincidence or do young boys really have so much energy that their parents feel the need to join forces with other families to wear them out on a weekend?

We started blowing bubbles about fifty meters up the path and really didn’t get much further. The boys had a blast running up and down the path, following the bubbles as they floated away. The giggles of glee in the unexpected sunshine were wonderful. I had so much fun, laughing with the other parents and blowing bubbles for the kids that I forgot to take any pictures.

Comments from Mini Monkey: Bubble bubbles bubbles squeeee!   

Opening Hours: Always open

Cost: free 

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